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Wind Down Summer with JC Licht’s Color of the Month: Amazon Soil 2115-30


Benjamin Moore Amazon Soil 2115-30

We’re enjoying sunsets a little earlier in the evening these days in the Chicagoland area, which means that fall is on its way. While we’re not yet ready to say goodbye to summer, we must admit we enjoy the moody, deep plum hues that streak the sky as clouds move across a late summer sunset.

Deep, bold colors always characterize the fall season ahead, and when paired with the grounding energy of a summer sunset, we cannot deny that we’re in love with our color of the month selection: Amazon Soil 2115-30.

As part of the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2021 Palette, Amazon Soil 2115-30 tops the charts in contemporary sophistication. This year’s color palette is all about balance and comfort, which are the qualities that embody Amazon Soil 2115-30. While bolder and darker on the spectrum of colors found in this year’s color trends, just a little bit of paint can leave a lasting impact when you use Amazon Soil 2115-30.

When you hear the word soil in the name, you might think of a neutral tone, but this color is anything but neutral – it’s dramatic in a way that the summer sun fades from the evening sky. It brings a sense of calm to your home with its velvety smoothness.

Bedroom Painted in Amazon Soil

That depth is what we love about Amazon Soil 2115-30 this month. As the temps are still blazing outside, we’re bringing the drama and tranquility inside with Amazon Soil 2115-30. Get it in any Benjamin Moore paint, available at your local JC Licht store.

Tranquility with Utility: A Bold and Beautiful Color for Your Home

With Amazon Soil 2115-30, you can turn any room into a gorgeous hideaway that’s all your own. The interior of your home should be your sanctuary – a place where you can rest, relax, and recharge in privacy and solitude. Dig deep and reach a zen state of mind amidst the beautiful backdrop of Amazon Soil 2115-30.

Amazon Soil 2115-30 can find a purpose in any room of your home, particularly areas where tranquility is a must…like your bedroom, a bathroom, or a calm reading area or home office. This deep, plummy hue inspires creativity and promotes relaxation, and your home deserves to have a bit of both.

Workroom Painted in Amazon Soil with Plants

Every color comes with its unique undertones, making the color appear differently based on lighting and the colors surrounding it. One of the reasons we’re obsessed with Amazon Soil 2115-30 right now is that it sits between feeling cool and warm, depending on what you pair it with.

JC Licht has expert color consultants standing by to help you find the perfect paint pairings for your home. Schedule an in-home color consultation today to see how you can maximize Amazon Soil 2115-30 in your unique spaces. Until then, read on to discover complementary colors that will bring out the best in Amazon Soil 2115-30.

Draw from Nature as Inspiration for your Color Palette

Amazon Soil 2115-30 is such a deep, interesting hue that a few accent colors can achieve wildly different looks. Rely on the aesthetic of the outdoors to serve as your color palette when looking for what to pair with Amazon Soil 2115-30, as those shades will bring out the purple undertones of this brown-based color.

Amazon Soil Bookcase with Rosy Peach Accents

Colors like Mesquite 501 or Rosy Peach 2089-20 bring out those velvety purple undertones and help complement the inherent beauty found in this one-of-a-kind color.

If you want a more neutral color palette where Amazon Soil 2115-30 will pop more, consider colors like Timid White OC-39 or Sail Cloth OC-142 as your accents. And you don’t just have to paint your walls to achieve a super trendy, sophisticated look.

Furniture pieces painted in complementary colors can help you achieve the same feel without painting an entire wall. Consider painting a staple furniture piece in Amazon Soil 2115-30 to stand out in your room (like the millwork pictured above with Rosy Peach 2089-20 as the accent).

Explore the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2021 Palette and make full use of the spectrum of this year’s trendiest colors in your home. Each one brings its unique flavor, and your personality will shine through with just a little paint.

Visit one of JC Licht’s 57 Chicagoland locations to chat with a color consultant, find the best paint for your project, and get all the supplies you’ll need to bring a fresh perspective to your home’s interior this month.

Have you used Amazon Soil 2115-30 for one of your painting projects? Share your room with us on social media by tagging @JCLicht.


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