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Top Easy Repairs and Dealbreakers To Look Out For When Buying a Used Vehicle | FunRover


With supply shortages and inflated costs for parts, buying a well-maintained used car is undoubtedly the best option for your wallet. While getting a new car means you’ll have the confidence that the car is not stolen or damaged in any way, you’ll spend a premium on this.

If you’re not a car expert, you may worry about being scammed by a private seller. When looking at a used vehicle, make sure you know the difference between the following easy repairs and issues that are immediate dealbreakers.

Easy Repairs

The following issues with the car shouldn’t necessarily deter you from making the purchase, but they will cost you extra. Use these to negotiate the price down with the seller, if they haven’t already offered a discount for these issues.

Worn wheels and tires

Tires and wheels aren’t cheap, but they can be replaced incredibly easily. If the tire tread is on its last days and the wheels are rusting and scratched, see if the driver will lower the asking price a little bit.
With the money you save, you’ll be able to get a brand new set.

Minor scratches and dents

While you don’t want to buy anything with massive dents in it (especially those that indicate the car has been in an accident), minor scratches and dents can be repaired easily.

Companies like SMART Repairs will take out small dents without using any paint or filler, resulting in a finish that looks new.

Dirty interior

A dirty interior is unappealing, but unless it smells like cigarette smoke, getting the vehicle detailed will leave it looking like new.

Something you should avoid is cracking and stained leather, as this cannot be fixed through cleaning alone. Replacing upholstery can be incredibly costly unless you do it yourself. This DIY project isn’t recommended for those without significant car experience.


If you think you’ve found the right car for you but it has one of the following issues, think again. Though the price may seem right, trying to address these issues after purchase just won’t be worth it.

Transmission issues

Transmission issues are incredibly costly to repair. If you hear any strange sounds while driving and switching gears (think grinding, clunking, or whining) then there’s likely an issue.

Likewise, a burning smell or leaking fluid can be indicators of a failing transmission. Expect to spend a couple of grand to repair or replace a transmission. Unless this is pocket money to you, keep looking.

Excessive rust

While small rust spots can be repaired and stopped in their tracks, large rust spots will continue to grow.
Driving a vehicle with large areas of rust puts its structural integrity at risk, making it incredibly dangerous to drive.

Hail damage

If the car has dents from considerable damage your insurance company may not insure the vehicle. Though hail-damaged cars may seem like a bargain, an uninsured car is basically worthless.

Don’t skip the inspection

Even after you’ve conducted your own investigation of the vehicle, make sure you take it in for an inspection before finalizing the purchase. This is the most surefire way to make sure nothing is going on with the car internally.


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