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Mother Of Young Thug Fan Who Threatened to Killed Sheriff Says He’s Mentally Ill


The mother of a young man who demanded that Young Thug be released from jail or else is speaking out and says her son has no ties to the rapper and is mentally challenged.

Quartavius Mender from DeKalb County made several threats in May following the arrest of Thug and his YSL crew. Mender threatened to kill Sheriff Patrick Labat, his wife, and several others in some of the posts if the “Best Friend” rapper was not released immediately. His mother, Malaika Kulenga, and sister, Deniecia Kelly, says the teen has no ties to the rapper.

“Young Thug don’t know him. He don’t know Young Thug. He don’t know nobody. They can’t trace a phone call or a message or nothing with anybody affiliated with YSL,” Kelly said of Mender, who has bipolar disorder. Kulenga agrees, saying her son is not affiliated with any gang.

However, Sheriff Labat is unphased by Mender’s issues. Instead, he is more concerned with the growing number of threats he and other officers receive following Thug’s arrest. He has revealed that his family has also been targeted multiple times. According to Labat, his department gets “four or five” threats daily.

In one of the posts, Mender very boldly wrote, “Imma assassinate the sheriff and his wife if they don’t free thug.”

Mender has been charged with 23 felony counts of making terroristic threats. His mother wants people to know that he is not a danger to society in any way. Instead, he is simply a troubled fan.


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