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“You’s a Whole B****h!” [Video]

The Lox rapper Styles P fearlessly confronted police officers in New York for violently slamming a woman on the ground. 

The “Good Times” rapper was strolling through Yonkers when he stumbled upon an unarmed Black woman being forced to the ground by two white officers. A witness was recording the incident, and as Styles P got closer, he demanded that she keep filming as he began cursing at the officers for wrongfully detaining the woman.

Styles P repeatedly called the officers derogatory names as he urged the woman on the ground to “loosen up” in order to make the ordeal less uncomfortable as both policemen attempted handcuffing her.

“You’s a f*****g hoe. You’s a whole b****h,” the 47-year-old yelled. As he continued to berate the officers, one of them got up from the ground and confronted Styles P in his face. As he got closer, that did not deter the rapper from standing his ground with the clearly agitated law enforcement agent.

“You slammed a girl! For no reason!” he screamed directly into the officer’s face, followed by continued demeaning names and claims that the officer was “scared.” The video ends with Styles being escorted away from the scene, so it is unclear if the woman was taken into custody or let go.

The hip-hop icon addressed the viral encounter in a video posted to his Instagram account.

“On behalf of all young Black people who seen the video, I was wrong because you gotta be careful of what you do and how you speak out here because we’re all at danger. But we also gotta step up when we see sh*t being done wrong,” he said in his 9-minute clip. Styles said he is typically calmer when witnessing these types of situations but was caught off guard by seeing a woman being handled in this way by the police.

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