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Young Thug and YSL Co-Defendant Accused of Conducting Drug Deal in Court, Rapper’s Attorney Says Client Was Unaware of What Was Being Handed to Him [Video]


Legal trouble continues to loom over Young Thug amid his YSL RICO case.

On Thursday, WSBTV reporter Micheal Seiden posted surveillance footage from Thug’s trial showing an alleged drug trade between the rapper and co-defendant Kahlieff Adams.

According to investigators, Thug was sitting next to his attorney when Adams approached him to shake his hand. During the handshake, Adams allegedly slipped Thug a Percocet pill.

A deputy allegedly spotted the transaction and quickly confronted the rapper. Thug immediately handed over the pill as other deputies searched Adams for more drugs. The authorities did find more Percocet pills as well as marijuana and tobacco. All of the contraband was “wrapped in plastic and food seasonings to conceal the odor.”

Adams reportedly attempted to ingest some of the items to get rid of the evidence but was later taken to a hospital.

The rapper’s attorney, Keith Adams, later spoke to reporters and said his client was not aware of his co-defendant’s plan.

“The reality is Mr. Williams had nothing to do with what went on in the courtroom…yesterday,”  he said. “One of the co-defendants, on his way to the restroom, attempted to pass something to Mr. Williams, who immediately turned it over to the deputy. … Did not know what it was, turned it over to the deputy right away.”

In another statement, Attorney Adams disputed the state’s motion, saying it tries to blame Williams for others’ actions.

“The state’s motion is replete with factual inaccuracies, embellishments and attempts to make Mr. Williams responsible for someone else’s actions,” the attorney said in a statement. “The end result of an investigation into (Wednesday’s) incident was that Mr. Williams was not engaged in any wrongdoing.”

Teombre Calland, who represents Kahlieff Adams, also disputed the state’s claims.

“These allegations are simply that: mere statements made by the State in an effort to thwart the lengthiness of the jury selection process. Mr. Adams adamantly maintains his innocence and looks forward to the conclusion of this trial,” Calland said.

Thug, in addition, to other YSL members, is still standing trial in their ongoing RICO case. Prosecutors claim Thug is responsible for creating a criminal street gang that committed a number of violent acts, including murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted armed robbery.

Thug’s attorneys have since denied the allegations. However, if he’s convicted, the rapper can face up to 20 years behind bars and a $250,000 fine.


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