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Xzibit Says ‘Pimp My Ride’ Owes Him Money, Threatens Legal Action

Xzibit wants a check, and he wants it now. The rapper and host claims that ViacomCBS owes him money for the widely successful show Pimp My Ride.

In addition to addressing a legal case over a weed brand he invested in, he decided to get some other things off his chest. 

He says, “While I’m at it, hey @viacom_intl why is it you’ve made millions off the show #PimpMyRide I carried on my back and found ways to cut me out?” he wrote on Instagram under a post of alleged legal documents.

“Like saying I would get percentages of all merch sold let alone streaming(which wasn’t even in the contract) and putting in the fine print ‘with my name and likeness’ then proceed to take my’ name and likeness’ off of ALL the merchandise including dvd sales after season 1? To top that you guys went back and EDITED all of my music out of ALL entire seasons in order to avoid paying me for my publishing,” he adds. 

He hosted the MTV series from 2004 to 2007. It was very popular during the time but was canceled suddenly. And now the rapper is alleging that he still hasn’t gotten paid for the total amount of royalties he is owed despite the company using his face and likeliness to the show’s succession. 


“Let’s talk about worldwide syndication!!!! Wow. Hey, guys, my number is still the same. Hit me up,” he continued. “Or…… Can anybody hit me with a law firm who isn’t afraid of Viacom to get me right? Robert M. Bakish, President of Paramount Global. … #IveBeenQuietLongEnough #InNeedOfAnswers.” 

Viacom has yet to respond.

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