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Vince Carter’s House Burglarized on Father’s Day as Wife and Kids Hid in Closet, Nearly $100K Stolen

Former NBA player Vince Carter experienced a home invasion this past weekend.

Atlanta police received a call about a burglary off King Road in northwest Atlanta on Sunday. According to the police report, Carter’s wife, Sondi Carter, was in bed with her two sons when she heard loud noises around 11:50 p.m.

Sondi and her sons hid in a closet as she called 911. Sondi then texted her neighborhood patrol, who was the first law enforcement to arrive. While in the closet, Carter told police, she could hear someone rummaging through different rooms upstairs. Upon arrival, the patrol officer saw a man fleeing in a black SUV but could not catch him.

Thankfully, Sondi nor the children were harmed during the incident. However, police say a front window on the main house was smashed. Authorities found “a large amount of $100 bills spilled on the ground outside the home.” They also discovered a gold Desert Eagle pistol and a black Glock 26 pistol with an extended magazine. The Desert Eagle pistol belonged to Carter, but authorities believe the Glock 26 belonged to the suspect.

Police have not released the suspect’s identity but say a fingerprint from the suspect was collected from the scene.

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