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US Rep George Santos Allegedly Proposed to Teen Boyfriend While Still Being Married To His Then Wife


Following the news that US rep George Santos dressed in drag, it has been revealed that the Long Island rep also proposed to his then teenage-boyfriend five years before divorcing his wife.

“Good evening, everyone!  As you all may already know, Pedro and I have decided to join our toothbrushes!  Lol, and a very few friends have been selected to share this special moment with us!” Santos wrote in a Facebook post.

In November 2014, Pedro Vilarva confirmed that Santos invited friends to celebrate their engagement, even though Vilarva never accepted- he was 18 then.

“Thanks for sharing this very important day in our lives,” Santos wrote of the planned Nov. 23 celebration at La Bonne Soupe in Midtown Manhattan.

Vilarva told the outlets that the celebration “never happened” because he continuously declined his advances.

“He asked me 3x, but I didn’t accept it,” Santos’ former lover told the Beast via text message.  “There was never a party [or] anything in regards to it,” he said.

According to the Daily Beast, Santos’ public invitation came just two years after his alleged marriage to Brazilian Uadla Vieira Santos.

The Daily Beast reported that Morey-Parker, Santos’s old roommate, suggested he tried to get him to marry a Brazilian woman so she could get citizenship – saying he would earn money from the deal.

Eleven months before Santos proposed to his teenage partner, Santos’ wife filed for divorce for the first time in May 2013, only to have it halted by the end of the same year.

Less than two weeks before he officially filed the paperwork to begin his initial 2020 campaign, he ended his somewhat covert marriage, which he continued to be legally married to until September 2019.

Another former roommate, Yasser Rabello, told the outlet that Santos always seemed like a “pathological liar.”

In 2013 and 2014, Rabello lived with Santos, his sister, and their now-deceased mother in a crowded apartment in Jackson Heights – but “never knew” his roommate was married.

Rabello said, at the time, that Santos introduced his wife to him as a “friend.”

Referring to Morey-Parker, Santos said: “I will not give a comment to slanderous accusations made by a person of the likes of Gregory.”


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