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Two Taco Bell Customers Suing For $1M After Manager Throws Scalding Hot Water On Them [Video]

A Taco Bell manager is in hot water after two customers say the employee swung a bucket of scalding hot water at them. And the incident was captured on video, making it hard to be denied.

The incident took place at a Dallas location. Apparently, the two received the wrong order three times while in the drive-thru and decided to go inside to get it fixed. That’s when things took a bad turn. The employees refused to correct the order, and a manager, who had not been involved in the talks, came out and poured a bucket of hot water on them.

They suffered severe burns from when a store manager poured the water on them because they complained about an incomplete order, their lawsuit claims.

The security video, which has no audio and was released in both an edited compilation of cuts and an unedited hourlong version, appears to show the employee pouring the water as words were being exchanged between the involved.

The video was obtained and provided by the customers’ legal team, who happens to be civil rights attorney Ben Crump and Paul A. Grinke after they won a court order for its release.

“Taco Bell management and employees’ actions in these videos are violent, callous, and inexcusable,” Grinke said in a statement Friday. “C.T. and her aunt, Brittany, restaurant employees themselves, calmly ask for the food they paid for with their with hard-earned money. Rather than simply resolve the concern, the Taco Bell employees taunt a 16-year-old, and the manager ambushes them with scalding water.”

The lawsuit claims Brittany Davis and a minor identified in the suit as C.T. were left with permanent skin damage and permanent alterations to their appearance due to the incident.

Images of the plaintiffs show large blistering and severe discoloration and were released Friday along with the video.

The suit, which was filed July 13 in a Dallas County district court, accuses Taco Bell and workers at the restaurant of displaying gross negligence and hiring negligence that set in motion the alleged attack. It seeks over $1 million in costs and damages.

The fast food chain released a statement on Wednesday saying that it takes the safety of workers and customers seriously and has been in contact with the franchise owner and operator listed in the suit. However, the company declined to comment any further, citing pending litigation.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in Taco Bell restaurants,” the chain said. “We take this very seriously and are working with our local franchisee to investigate.”

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