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Trash-raiding bear caught on video in Arcadia, California


A homeowner in Arcadia captured video of a black bear snacking on his neighbor’s trash from atop a tree Monday night.

The homeowner shared the video with KTLA 5.

In it, the bear can be seen illuminated with flashlights high atop a tree branch as it munches on something; the homeowner says it was trash.

It’s unclear when the bear left or if it was removed by wildlife officials, but it’s an important reminder to keep your trash secure if you live near wildlife.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends homeowners make sure their trash is kept in bear-resistant containers and clean them regularly with bleach or ammonia. If you don’t have a secure recycling or composting bin, you should wait to put out your trash until the morning of collection.

Fish and Wildlife says it’s unhealthy and unnatural for bears to forage on human food and garbage.

“This can damage their claws, teeth, and digestive systems. Whether intentional or not, it is illegal to feed bears. Do your part to follow the law and prevent bears from accessing human food and garbage. Human-sourced food keeps bears from participating in the natural ecosystem, which depends on bears to scatter native seeds, control insects, and clean up animals that have died. A healthy, wild bear means a healthy, wild ecosystem.”


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