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Tory Lanez’s New Attorney Says He Wishes He Was Contacted Earlier


Tory Lanez‘s new attorney Jose Baez said he is optimistic about the appeal but wishes Lanez had contacted him before being sentenced to 22 years in prison for the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion.

According to TMZ, Lanez’s new high power attorney, who defended Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez, said he is ready to defend Tory but wishes he had contacted him before the trial.

“Looking at this case, I certainly wish I had come in sooner as opposed to later,” Baez told the publication. “Unfortunately, this is the way it is. But he’s got me now, and I’m certainly willing to give him everything I have, and hopefully, we’ll get the best result possible for him.”

Despite this, he believes there were procedural errors- partly due to its high-profile nature- and that will be the basis of Tory’s appeal.

“There’s mistakes in trials all the time; it’s a human system; it’s going to produce errors regardless,” he said. “Now, when you have a high-profile case, there’s a lot more things to worry about. A lot more things for the judiciary to worry about, more things for the defense to worry about, more things for the prosecution to worry about. So all players are now playing with additional work and need to be protecting those safeguards to ensure there’s is a fair trial, to begin with, and I have to tell you, nine out of ten times, we get it wrong. So, I would say that there is probably a significant chance that there are numerous errors that are within the system and within this case, that should be explored and see if perhaps the result could have been different.”

When asked about Tory’s situation in jail awaiting sentencing, Baez says he has never been convicted before, so he has never dealt with anything like this, but he’s adapting.

“The adjustment he’s going through, it’s new to him. So, to his credit, he’s listening to his lawyers,” Baez said. “In all of that, there are things that certainly in the trial he wished had gone the other way…He’s trying his best to adjust to everything, and in light of the fact that he’s never been in this situation before, it’s really a tough process to go through.”

It was reported that Lanez retained David Kenner, Matthew Barhoma, and Baez to assist with his appeal last week.


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