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These smartphone tricks will make you a power user


The best part about having a smartphone is that it continues to get better, either through software updates or by discovering new features you didn’t know existed. Here’s a few tips and tricks to get you on your way to being a power user!

Extract a photo from a video

Got a video, but want to make a picture out of it?

Just use Google Photos!

Open the video in the app, then hit the edit button.

Next, use the slider to choose the frame you want.

Hit Export Frame and voila! You’ve got a still photo.

Resize a picture to fit your lock screen

Ever have a photo you want to use for your wallpaper that doesn’t seem to fit your iPhone lock screen?

Use an app named Clarity to resize it for a perfect fit!

Download the free app, then tap the Magic Wand. Next, select the option for Frame.

Choose your photo and drag to adjust.

When you’re done, hit the checkmark and you’ll have a perfectly sized photo to set as your lock screen wallpaper!

Pause a video to copy text

Did you know you can pause a video on the iPhone and interact with the text?

It’s a new feature in iOS 16 called Live Text.

To try it, pause a video in the Photos app, then hit the “Detect” icon in the lower right hand corner – it looks like text inside a scanner.

This should highlight the tappable parts of your free frame.

Now, just tap a link to go to a highlighted website, copy and paste text and more!

You can do the same thing on still photos, too.

Retrieve a Wi-Fi password for a saved network

Need to share a Wi-Fi password but can’t remember what it is?

On iPhone, to into Settings, Wi-Fi and tap the the (i) next to a saved network. Next, tap the field for password to reveal it. You’ll need to verify your identity using Face ID.

On Android, tap a saved network and hit the share icon that looks like a QR code. On Pixels, this will reveal the password underneath the QR code.

On Samsung, you’ll have to take a screenshot of the QR code, then open the Google Lens app to scan it. This will reveal the password to the WiFi network.

Use your voice to restart your phone

Finally, try using your voice to restart your phone!

Just say Hey Siri, restart my phone!

Or Hey Google, restart my phone!

If you’re on Samsung, you might have to use Bixby for the same command.

No matter what, you’ll need to confirm the restart by tapping on the screen.

FYI, there are lots of opinions on how often to restart your phone but every once in a while is probably a good idea just to keep things running smoothly.


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