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These are the highest paying jobs in California, according to 2023 report


(NEXSTAR) – If you can’t stop inflation, you can at least try and get a pay raise.

U.S. News & World Report recently released its 2023 jobs report, including a breakdown of the cities where workers can take home top dollar. The analysts took every job title that U.S. News & World Report tracks and found the metro areas where those professions earn the most.

The report found that with Californians are often the best paid in the country. (Gas and housing is most expensive here too, but that’s a different story.) More than 350 job titles had their highest average salaries in a California city.

We won’t list all 350 jobs that bring home the big bucks (check out the jobs report for more data) but we will break it down with some of the highlights from each city.

San Jose had the most top earners, with 121 job titles that had the highest earning potential in the Bay Area city. Among them are bus drivers (average salary of $69,940), preschool teachers ($90,830), lawyers ($231,200), web developers ($167,420) and IT managers ($228,030).

Right behind San Jose ranks San Francisco, with 120 top earning careers, including art director ($157,310), choreographer ($79,760), compliance officer ($99,460), firefighter ($98,150) and genetic counselor ($132,840).

In Santa Rosa, several professions in the health care field were top earners. The average registered nurse makes $141,440. Specialized workers in the field like cardiovascular techs, medical sonographers, MRI techs, occupational therapists and more earn around six figures.

Dentists in Vallejo have high earnings. The average salary there is $229,800. Mental health counselors in Napa make $112,950 on average.

Sacramento scored highly for health care workers, but also had some completely different lucrative career paths listed, including archaeologist ($80,640), anthropologist ($80,640) and civil engineer ($115,120).

Los Angeles was better represented in the arts. The average art director makes $146,040 and an audiologist makes $101,370. Pilots in the city also have high earning potential, with an average salary of $229,160.

The top earning jobs in San Diego include mathematician ($123,350), nuclear medicine technologist ($123,060) and podiatrist ($231,930).

In the Fresno area, high school teachers and school psychologists can make around $100,000, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Bakersfield is a good place to be a wind turbine technician, with an average salary of $62,680.

While the cost of living varies throughout a state as big as California, each of the aforementioned average salaries would be enough to make you middle or upper class in just about every city. The median individual income in the Golden State was $41,276 in 2021, according Census data.

The California job market is strong – though just a bit weaker than the national average. The U.S. unemployment rate is at 3.5%, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while California’s is at 4.1%.


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