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Drama on the internet is a thing that’s all too common nowadays. We’ve seen verbal spats go down between celebrities, strangers, and friends-turned-foe. And while it makes for a good cup of tea, it’s really cringy.

The Internet has been around for decades, but calling people out on it is a trend among newer generations. Before social media existed, people had to handle their beef in person or on the phone privately.

Social media spats usually start with a subliminal tweet, a subliminal response, a hit-dog-will holler reply, and next, there’s action with @’s and mentions that go on and on with each side dissing one another. Who needs cable, right?

It’s one thing to watch drama-filled reality tv, but when arguments hit the internet, they’re unscripted and unfiltered, a recipe for ugly. While many shake their heads, questioning the maturity of it all, most of us are glad it’s not our own drama unfolding across the world wide web.

But still, we tune in, sometimes not even knowing those involved or when it has absolutely nothing to do with us. We’ve formed a guilty pleasure of watching people’s tell-all posts about someone they’ve fallen out with, laughing at the comment’s section, and gossiping about it to our friends—while silently questioning, could this happen between us?

Most see blasting a former friend on social media as disloyal, fake, and a way of seeking validation and attention. Despite it being wrong, from a deeper analysis, people are likely sharing their problems because they want to tell their side of the story and connect with others who will agree with their side of the argument. Social media platforms provide an outlet for both. As for the insults and spilling personal business, that’s the petty side of things.

Furthermore, it’s an extremely accessible tool to vent on and feel instant gratification while in the heat of the moment. The problem is most people watching don’t care and only tune in to laugh and be entertained. And when the drama simmers, it’s a regretful incident because usually it all could have been handled in private. But now betrayal and public embarrassment linger, making it hard for both sides to come back from regardless of an apology.

Leaving a relationship behind is hard, and being the bigger person can be more challenging. But sometimes silence and privacy is golden. Nothing is gained by airing someone out on social media. So before you go to the internet, to diss someone you once liked, ask yourself, why am I really doing this? Is there a better solution? Nine times out of ten, there’s always a better solution than to put your business and someone else’s out there. Remember, once it hits the web, baby, it’s there forever.

And if that doesn’t help, think of what Jay Z “kind of” said, “Don’t argue with a fool, Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who.”


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