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The Goods Pink Grapefruit 80% CBD Wax – New Terpene Flavours @ HempElf

HempElf The Goods Pink Grapefruit CBD Wax New Terpenes

The Goods have just launched a delicious new Pink Grapefruit terpene profile for their 80% CBD Wax now available at HempElf.

Our Broad Spectrum CBD Wax has more than just CBD it features the true profile that our high-quality Hemp has to offer.

The Goods CBD Waxes contain all-natural terpenes and a combination of CBD and CBG, making for some of the most flavoursome and potent CBD concentrates on the market.

The Goods Pink Grapefruit 80% CBD Wax

The Pink Grapefruit 80% CBD Wax retails at £14.00 for 0.5g and £25.00 for 1 gram.

However, HempElf are currently running a very generous 25% off sale at the moment on The Goods new Pink Grapefruit CBD Wax, so its the perfect time to try this tasty CBD concentrate.

Brand: The Goods

CBD Content: 80%

CBD Type: Broad-Spectrum

Terpene Profile: Pink Grapefruit

Cannabis Profile Fragrance: Grapefruit, Sweet Citrus, Diesel, Jasmine.

Effect: Chilled, Uplifting.

Retailer: HempElf

To purchase The Goods new Pink Grapefruit terpene infused 80% CBD Wax visit HempElf at: HempElf


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