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The Baller Alert Show – Ep 209: The Cast Interviews Babyface Ray and Talk 21 Savage, Snoop Dogg Cereal and Super Bowl


Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of the Baller Alert Show. On this episode Ferrari, BT and Oct interviewed Babyface Ray.

Snoop Dogg and Master P have teamed with Post Holdings Inc. to create their cereal.

“Are you guys excited to see some rappers on cereal boxes?” said Ferrari.

It has been reported that Jay-Z is helping Rihanna with her Super Bowl halftime performance. The cast discussed who Riri may bring out as a surprise guest and if her boyfriend, A$Ap Rocky would hit the stage with her.

 Buccaneers Russell Gage was rushed to the hospital after being injured in the game. The cast discussed who they thought would go to the Super Bowl. 

Todd and Julie Chrisley surrendered to start their 12 and 7-year prison sentence for bank fraud and tax invasion. 

21 Savage got into a heated argument on clubhouse. 

“If you’re a multimillionaire, you have a lot of things to lose. I would never argue with anybody on social media,” said BT.

 Babyface Ray

How often have you been in Atlanta?

“A lot. I’m familiar with Atlanta, Atlanta turned,” said Babyface Ray

Where does your name come from?

“My grandma. She used to call me Baby Ray because I’m the youngest of my brothers,” said Babyface Ray.

Do you feel it is easier for Detroit artists to get on compared to a couple of years ago?

“Yes, 100%,” said Babyface Ray.

When I listen to Detroit music and LA music, it’s a similarity.

“It’s because the street culture inspires our music. Oakland, LA and Gangs. We are not gang-oriented, but hustlers raised us, and it shows in our music.

One of my favorite songs is Paper Work Party. What made you want to create a song like that?

“It was my birthday; I don’t really celebrate my birthday. I’m recording, and at the time, many people were getting out of jail and showing their paperwork. Me, I ain’t never been to prison; I was saying as far as money wise I was good,” said Babyface Ray.

Do you feel like you were overlooked for a minute?

“100%. Man, I’ve been doing this for about 10 – 11 years. Everybody past Big Sean I either knew personally, seen and watched transition into what they are now. Tee Grizzley, Dej Loaf. It made me feel like my music just wasn’t there,” said Babyface Ray.

How’s Baby Ray’s personal life?

“It ain’t nothing too different from nobody else who does this. Ups and down,” said Babyface Ray.

I want to talk about your kids because that’s a big deal. Do you have boys or girls?

“3 and 3,” said Babyface Ray.

How was it when you performed on Jimmy Fallon? That’s a big deal.

“I was nervous. I was super nervous. That’s a different stage coming from what I be really doing. That type of setting and that type of crowd. I got through it. It was cool, though,” said Babyface Ray.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

I went on a date with this man, and it was everything after he dropped me home; he sent me this text ‘I’m just letting you know I have an incurable disease. I really like you, but I wanted to be respectful as possible. If this is something you wouldn’t be ok with, absolutely no hard feelings, I understand; however you decide to move forward.’ It threw me all the way off, and I didn’t know how to respond. What would y’all do?”

“Salute to buddy for saying that shit. People be out here going crazy, dirty as hell and don’t be saying shit. Shawty, if I was you, I ain’t even gone lie. Just fall back,” said Ferarri.


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