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Teen hospitalized after hit-and-run in Redondo Beach; suspect at large


A teen is in the hospital after being struck by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bike in Redondo Beach Monday night.

The victim, 15-year-old Lebron Evans, is still recovering in the hospital from the incident, and the suspect remains at large and is being sought by Redondo Beach police.

LeBron Evans recovering in hospital after being struck by pickup truck in Redondo Beach
LeBron Evans recovering in hospital after being struck by pickup truck in Redondo Beach on Sept. 18, 2022. (Christina Evans)

The teen’s mother, Christina Evans, says her son was riding his bike home with a friend when he was struck by a pickup truck on the road.

Officers say bicycle hit-and-runs are becoming a rising issue of concern in the area.

Video of the incident was obtained from a nearby home doorbell security camera and shared with KTLA.

In the video, the impact appears to partially lodge the teen and his bicycle under the truck’s front grille. His mother tells KTLA that the suspect doesn’t stop after striking Lebron, but instead continues driving, dragging her son about one block before finally stopping.

In the video, Lebron is seen dislodging himself from his bike and scrambling to the sidewalk as the truck finally stops. Moments later, the truck driver backs up to remove the lodged bicycle before driving away.

Lebron’s mother has set up a GoFundMe campaign to cover the teen’s hospital bills as he continues recovering in the hospital.

Anyone with information on the incident can contact Redondo Beach Police at 310-379-5411.

Video of hit-and-run caught on home security doorbell camera:


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