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Survivor Of Virginia Walmart Mass Shooting Files $50M Lawsuit Against Company, Says She Reported Gunman’s “Disturbing and Threatening Behavior” Before Shooting


A female employee who works at the Virginia Walmart where a gunman shot and killed six people last week claims she previously reported his “disturbing and threatening behavior” to the store, but those reports fell on deaf ears.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Chesapeake Circuit Court.

Donya Prioleau, who has retained Morgan & Morgan law firm, alleges the gunman had been “disciplined on several occasions” and was also “demoted by management for his improper and disturbing interactions with others.” However, was later reinstated as a team lead.

The gunman “demonstrated a pattern of disturbing behavior leading up to the shooting, which Walmart knew, or should have known,” the lawsuit reads.

Prioleau submitted a formal complaint on September 10, 2022, to the giant retailer reporting that the gunman had “bizarrely and inappropriately commented on her age” and called her a “bitch” in passing.

The lawsuit went on to allege that “many” employees at the Chesapeake’s Walmart had “observed [the gunman] exhibit bizarre and threatening behavior leading up to the shooting.”

“Walmart’s management… had received numerous reports that Mr. Bing was bullying, threatening, and harassing other employees,” it continues.

Prioleau is seeking $50 million in compensatory damages and other costs. Because of the tragedy, she says she has experienced psychological harm, sleeplessness, severe anxiety, stomach pain, and arm and knee injuries.


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