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Surviving Thanksgiving After A Break-Up

Now that Thanksgiving has approached us, many will be spending time with family, while others are trying to figure out how to get through the holidays after their recent break-up.

Break-ups are hard to go through, especially around days meant to spend with the ones you love. Although it may be hard to spend it without them, there are some things to do to get your mind off that difficult break-up.

Spend Thanksgiving With Family and Friends– I know it may be hard to spend the first holiday without your mate, especially if it was a marriage. Stop by Big Momma’s house and get in a nice home-cooked meal, laughs from your drunk uncle and his crazy stories, and listen to your nosy aunt who is questioning your break-up.

Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows– After you have had a good meal and a few laughs, relax and catch up on some shows that you weren’t able to watch due to work, date nights, etc. Take time for yourself and simply relax.

Grab A Glass Of Wine and Read A Good Book– Sometimes, after a breakup, we need time for ourselves to do things we seem not to have time to do before things got hectic. Find a book that you have wanted to read and grab a big glass of your favorite wine. For once, take time to do the things you want to do.

Break-ups are hard for anyone, but you have to find things to do to keep your mind clear. Do things that you haven’t done in a while and focus on getting yourself together.

Enjoy the holidays and don’t focus on the bad times. Remember positive thoughts, positive vibes.

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