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Southwest Will No Longer Put An Expiration Date On Flight Credits

Southwest Airlines flight credits will no longer expire, no matter the type of ticket.

Whether it’s for “Business Select” or “Wanna Get Away,” if you don’t end up taking the flight, that’s okay. You’ll have those credits forever. It’s no one’s fault if plans get canceled or a flight gets delayed, Southwest won’t give a deadline for when you need to use your flight credits.

“‘Flight credits don’t expire’ aligns with the boldness of a philosophy to give our customers definitive simplicity and ease in travel, just like ‘bags fly free,’ just like ‘no change fees,’ just like ‘points don’t expire – they’re the first-in-our-industry combination of differentiators that only Southwest offers,” Southwest CEO Bob Jordan said in a statement, USA Today reports.

There’s no sign-up for the new change; Southwest’s chief marketing officer, Ryan Green, says flyers are all set.

“The only thing that they need to know is they don’t need to take any action. They don’t need to do anything. We are taking care of this for them in the background,” said Green.

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