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Snapchat Introduces New ‘Family Center’; Will Allow Parents To See Who Their Child Is Messaging

Snapchat‘s just introduced a new supervision feature that will allow parents to see who their kids are talking to but not the conversations.

When it comes to keeping up with these kids today, parents definitely have their work cut out for them, especially as it revolves around children being on social media. You never know what your kids are talking about, but Snapchat is going to fill parents in on who their child is talking to with its new feature.

“The Family Center” is the meeting place for parents and children on the platform. Once in the supervision hub, a child must accept an invite before Snapchat begins monitoring the child on behalf of the parent. Both the parent and the child must have Snapchats in order for the supervision feature to work.

Once the parent and child are set up, parents will get a limited version of what the child’s messaging inbox looks like. They can see who they are talking to but not the full conversation.

“With Family Center, you can view your teen’s friends list, see who they’ve been communicating with in the last seven days, [and] easily and confidentially report accounts you may be concerned about directly to our Trust and Safety Team,” the company said in a promotional video, PC Mag reports.

“These tools mirror the way parents engage with their teens in the real world,” they went on.” In the same way parents can’t see or hear their teen’s everyday personal and private communications, parents won’t be able to view their teen’s conversations or Snaps.”



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