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Smash or Pass? Mountain Dew Dropping Limited Edition Baja Blast Hot Sauce 


As if Mountain Dew didn’t have us in a chokehold with its unique soda flavors, the beverage company is breaking into the world of hot sauce.

Mountain Dew has partnered with specialty condiment store iBurn, for an all-new spicy condiment that pays homage to their popular Baja Blast soft drink. The blue hot sauce offers a unique flavor that is sure to bring some charisma to those grilled chicken wings or homemade tacos. Mountain Dew carefully blended the fruity taste of the Baja Blast with lime and bold peppers, similar to the savors found in Caribbean dishes. 

The Baja Blast hot sauce will make its debut on January 22nd to commemorate National Hot Sauce Day. But this delicacy is not something you can just pick up in your local stores. The Baja Blast hot sauce is only available via a contest on the brand’s website. Only 750 bottles will be mailed out to fortunate winners, so we suggest getting in on the fun early. 

Though a new sauce is exciting, this is not the first time that Mountain Dew has experimented with bringing its beverage flavors to condiments. In 2020, they joined forces with NBA star Joel Embiid to release “Joel Embiid Mtn Dew Habanero Hot Sauce.” Like the Baja Blast, the line was a limited edition, with only 500 bottles being shipped out. 

If you are lucky enough to grab a bottle, be sure to let us know if the taste was to your liking. 


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