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Smash or Pass? Kellogg’s & Little Debbie Are Transforming Nutty Buddy Bars Into an All New Cereal 

Have you ever bit into a Little Debbie Nutty Buddy bar and immediately thought: “This could use some milk?” Welp, you’re in luck. Kellogg’s and Little Debbie have teamed up to turn the chocolate and peanut butter snack into an all-new cereal to make breakfast time a little more exciting.

Coated in fudge with the rich taste of peanut butter, you will feel as if you just bit into an actual Nutty Buddy that was a quintessential component of most childhoods. While the Nutty Buddy flavored cereal is a new edition to the Kellogg’s family, they are no stranger to transforming Little Debbie snacks into meals made specifically for a bowl and spoon. In 2020, the two food giants joined forces to create the delicious Oatmeal Creme Pie cereal and Cosmic Brownies cereal, both of which have identical tastes to the classic lines of dessert. 

“Since dropping our first two Little Debbie cereals, fans have been hungry to see Kellogg transform more Little Debbie snacks into cereal,” stated Sadie Garcia, director of brand marketing at Kellogg All Family Cereal.

Kellogg’s Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal will arrive in Walmart stores starting in October. Additional grocers will welcome this innovation to their breakfast aisles in December. It is unclear if this new morning dish is here to stay or if it’s a limited edition food for fall and winter. Either way, don’t waste any time grabbing a box or two. 

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