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Shakira Ordered To Stand Trial For Alleged Tax Fraud, Prosecutors Seeking 8-Year Prison Sentence

Shakira has been ordered by a Spanish judge to stand trial for allegedly not paying more than $13 million in taxes over the course of two years.

Shakira, 45, is expected to appear before a court after she was accused of failing to pay $13.9 million in taxed income that she made between 2012 and 2014, the New York Post reports. Prosecutors in Barcelona are looking to have the pop star serve eight years in prison over the alleged unpaid taxes.

She’s correctly facing six counts of tax fraud.

However, Shakira maintains that she’s done nothing wrong, and she’s rejecting the plea deal. From her end, Shakira’s legal team says she’s already paid the multi-million dollar debt plus an additional $3 million in euros.

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