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Saweetie Trends Following Rumors Of Her and Offset’s Alleged Affair

The girls are fighting….again!

The never-ending feud between Cardi B and the Barbz has set Twitter ablaze, once again. But, this time, another female rapper has been dragged into the chaos, and surprisingly, it’s not the Head Barb in Charge, Nicki Minaj.

Wednesday afternoon, self-proclaimed Nicki MInaj Connoisseur and stylist, Khalil Lloyd, otherwise known as Sleeze Maraj, took to Twitter to accuse Cardi B of offering $4 million to sisters, Rachel and Sarah Wattley. The siblings were the alleged victims in the 2018 strip club brawl that lead to charges of reckless endagerment and assault against Cardi to which she pleaded not guilty.

“Oh and cardib when you gon run Rachel and Sarah they coins?,” Lloyd wrote. “No they’re not gonna settle for the 4M you keep tryna offer them…stop duckin the court cases and PAY UP!”

Cardi B quickly fired back with accusations of her own, claiming Lloyd had been arrested for stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothing.

“Why you lying on me and those girls for I have a open case EVERYTHING IS PUBLIC offering money will not beneefit me and actually get me in real trouble you making up anything cause you decided to come for me after coming out of jail for stealing 3k worth of clothes,” Cardi responded.

From there, the two continued to trade insults and allegations, with Lloyd even claiming Cardi’s husband, Offset, cheated on her with fellow female rapper, Saweetie.

“Offset f*cked Saweetie,” he said. “Do you wanna really discuss husbands?”

Cardi B responded with a screenshot of Lloyd from 2020 that read, “Y’all find a way to drag Saweetie into everything.” In the caption, she added, “First u claim I offered girls 4m over a case that the state picked up which is illegal, then u claim i’m trying make mends wit no recipets, then claim my man was in ur friends face with no recipets, no u LYING to go viral.”

Cardi B

The back and forth continued, with Llyod repeating the accusation about the alleged affair between Offset and Saweetie. As the tweet began to gain traction, the rumor milll started spinning.

While some people tried to make the rumor make sense, despite Saweetie’s previous relationship with Offset’s former labelmate and cousin, Quavo, others wondered how Saweetie even got in it. *Insert Nene Leakes Gif*

Black Twitter joked that Saweetie was at home minding her business, eating her favorite weird food combos. Each tweet featured a different combination to represent Saweetie’s interesting palate.

It’s no secret that Saweetie loves crazy food combinations, from Oysters with Honey BBQ sauce, Ketchup and Hot Sauce to Spaghetti and Ranch. Even Kevin Hart recently grilled her about her crazy pairings, saying “You gotta have crazy gas eating some of this stuff,” to which Saweetie responded, “I got a stomach of steel.”

Check out some of the funniest reactions to Saweetie trending.

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