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Riverside County confirms its 1st monkeypox case in child

Riverside County on Friday confirmed its first monkeypox case in a child.

The child is younger than 10 and lives in western Riverside County, officials said. He or she did not require hospitalization and is recovering at home.

Officials were notified of the positive test result this week and are working to determine the source of the infection.

No further details about the infection have been released.

“This case reminds everyone that MPX can impact anyone, regarding of age, gender or sexual orientation,” Dr. Geoffrey Leung, public health officer for Riverside County, said in a news release.

The county has reported about 256 probable or confirmed cases of monkeypox, with the majority coming from the Coachella Valley, officials said.

The virus spreads mostly through direct contact with infectious sores, scabs or boldly fluid during sex and other activities including kissing, hugging massaging and cuddling.

It can also spread by touching materials used by a person with monkeypox that hasn’t been cleaned, like clothing and bedding.

Additionally, the virus can spread through respiratory secretions during prolonged and close face-to-face contact.

Health officials remind residents of they ways they can protect themselves from monkeypox:

  • Avoiding close contact with people with symptoms like sores or rashes
  • Practicing good hand hygiene
  • Using appropriate personal protective equipment like a mask, gown, and gloves when caring for others with symptoms
  • Avoiding contact with infected materials contaminated with the virus
  • People who become infected should isolate until their symptoms are improving or have gone away completely. A rash should always be well covered until completely healed.

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