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Research Shows COVID-19 Survivors Are At Higher Risk Of Developing Neurological Conditions

New research shows people who have contracted COVID-19 have a higher risk of developing neurological and psychiatric conditions up to two years after infection.

University of Oxford’s previous research discovered COVID-19 survivors have a higher risk of developing both neurological and mental health conditions in the first six months after infection, CBS News reported.

The university’s latest study, which is featured in the journal Lancet Psychiatry examined the health records of more than one million patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Researchers found an increased risk of developing conditions, including dementia, psychosis, seizures, and brain fog for up to two years after having than infection, when compared to patients with other respiratory infections.

Adults also faced an increased risk of having anxiety and depression. However, researchers discovered the conditions lasted less than two months before returning to similar rates after other infections.

The Delta variant was associated with more disorders. Similar neurological and psychiatric risks were seen with the Delta and Omicron variants.

The study is the first large-scale study that examines the risks of these conditions with new variants emerging.

It is also the first to look at children. Researchers discovered kids were less likely than adults to develop most neurological and psychiatric diagnoses after contracting COVID-19, but children were more likely to be diagnosed with some conditions such as seizures and psychotic disorders over the two years after COVID infection.

Researchers note that it’s important to point out that the overall risk of these conditions is still low.

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