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Red Spice Tells Yandy Smith ‘Run Me My Money’ For Using Her Child To Promote Insecticide In TikTok Video [Video]

Instagram model Red Spice is upset with Love & Hip Hop alumni Yandy Smith for remixing a video she posted of her son for promotional purposes.

In the video, Red Spice walks up to her son, saying, “what you got in your mouth? Give it to me.” The child then spits a cockroach into her hand. In the original video, the caption notes that the roach is just a toy.

Smith remixed the video to promote her Bugout insect repellent, saying, “oh no, baby, don’t eat that.” The video pans to Smith’s dad, with her commenting, “dad, growing up, we had a lot of roaches.” He responds, “We ain’t have a lot, but we had roaches.” Smith then notes that her “babies ain’t gonna be eating no roaches” because they have Bugout.

Red Spice was not happy about the DIY commercial using her child. She posted Smith’s video to Instagram on a carousel that also shows the DM she sent Smtih asking for her to remove the video or pay up.

So I was trying to be the bigger person with this,” Red Spice wrote in her caption. “I reached out to her last night when the post went up and still haven’t gotten a response.” She calls the reality TV personality “dead wrong.”

While Smith has not responded to Red Spice directly, she addressed the incident in her post’s comments.

User @kingkong_records wrote, “she is using someone child that I know to promote her business without approval.”

“Hey honey, there is a link on TikTok that allows you to remix any video posted,” the reality star responded. “You can turn it off. If it’s on, that’s an approval to remix.” Smith says she frequently remixes TikToks to promote her business. 

Red Spice took to her Story to address people’s concerns about her son eating a roach. But doubled down on wanting to be paid for using her content.

“So before y’all come with why I posted my son with the roach, for one, it’s a toy roach, and secondly, it’s my content, and he’s a minor.” She added that all the blogs and people that reposted the video reached out to her for permission.

“I respect everyone[s] opinion but using it for financial gains is the concern,” she wrote in another Story. “So, like I said, run me my money.”

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