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Protests For The Brutal Murder Of Tyre Nicholas Begin Following Release Of Video, Protestors Gather In NYC, Memphis, D.C., and More


Friday was a sad day for the world and humanity. Officials released the brutal video that shows five Memphis police officers violently beating Tyre Nichols.

Protestors peacefully convened across the country to protest for Nichols, including Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, and Memphis. There was also a large turnout Friday night in New York City.

However, not all protests were peaceful. One man, protesting in Times Square, was photographed standing on the hood of an NYPD vehicle, stomping and punching the windshield.

Officers threw him to the ground and placed him in handcuffs. Protesters gathered around, repeatedly telling the officers, “Easy, don’t hurt him.

The man was arrested, including two other women, one for writing graffiti on a police car and the other for assaulting an officer, TMZ reported.

In downtown Los Angeles, demonstrators tore down a barricade. One protester allegedly tossed a lit firework at a police vehicle, engulfing it in smoke. However, it’s unclear if anyone was injured or arrested.


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