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President Joe Biden Isn’t Letting His Embarrassing Tumble Keep Him Down, Says “I’m Feeling Great”

President Joe Biden took a nasty tumble over the weekend but says he is doing great.

The now-viral moment took place as the 79-year-old president was out enjoying a bike ride with first lady Dr. Jill Biden near his Delaware vacation home on Saturday. As he approached a group of reporters, he abruptly toppled off his bicycle, falling on his right side and rolling onto his back before multiple people swooped in to assist him up.

Despite the fall and laughs at his expense, Biden says he is feeling good.

“I’m feeling great. I’m feeling great,” Biden assured reporters as he took a stroll on the beach with his family. He later explained that his foot got stuck in a restraint as he tried to get off the bike, causing him to tip over.

The tumble comes as many Republicans continue to voice concerns surrounding his age and ability to properly run the country at nearly 80 years old. Biden is the oldest-ever person to hold the presidential seat and has stumbled before on various occasions.

Nevertheless, the president is not letting the incident keep him down. He poked fun at himself, playfully whispering to reporters, “I fell, in case you didn’t notice.”

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