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President Biden praises 26-year-old man who disarmed Monterey Park, California mass shooter


President Joe Biden on Thursday praised the actions of the 26-year-old man who disarmed the Monterey Park mass shooter, calling the act of bravery an example of the American spirit.  

“I wanted to call and see how you’re doing and thank you for taking such incredible action in the face of danger,” Biden told Brandon Tsay during the phone call.  

Tsay was present when 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, the man believed to have shot and killed 11 people at a Monterey Park dance studio less than hour earlier, walked into the 26-year-old’s family-run dance hall in Alhambra armed with a 9mm MAC-10 semi-automatic pistol equipped with a 30-round magazine.  

Surveillance footage from the location captured the violent struggle as the 26-year-old disarmed the gunman.  

“You are America, pal,” the president said on the call. “You are who we are. You are who we are, America has never backed down. We’ve always stepped up because of people like you.”  

Meanwhile, some of the victims’ families are still in China, working to get to the United States to grieve their loved ones.  

Today at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park, where the Jan. 22 massacre occurred, the acting Chinese Consul General said his staff was working with the victims’ families, some of whom are trying to get visas to come over from China.  

“We also offer comfort and care to the local Chinese community who have been through this,” Shi Yuanqiang, the acting consul general, said.  

Outside the dance hall, mourners are still showing up to pay their respects. Today, some of them were greeted by three comfort dogs.  

“I actually hug all three of them,” Reggie Slem, who was visiting the memorial, said. “Everything comes up, I couldn’t help myself anymore.”  

The dogs most recently worked with children at the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. The coordinator, Bonnie Fear, with Lutheran Church Charities, says using dogs too help those in this Asian American community is important.  

“They find some type of peace, a way to process their emotions, whether it’s a smile, crying, hugging or just saying nothing at all,” she said.  

As for Brandon Tsay, he will be honored this weekend at the Alhambra Lunar New Year festival. Organizers say the event will be much more subdued this year, but they do want the community to come together.


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