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PnB Rock’s Girlfriend Reveals He Had No Life Insurance Or Will “ We’re So Young; We Don’t Plan On Death” [Video]


PnB Rock’s girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, went live on Instagram Saturday, where she explained that the rapper had no life insurance or will. She revealed that neither she nor her child receives survivor benefits.

 “No, he did not have life insurance,” she said in the Live. “No, he did not have a will. We didn’t have nothing set up. We’re so young; we don’t plan on death.

 “I don’t even get death benefits. I don’t get nothing, and I’m not gonna ask nobody for nothing,” Sibounheuang explained. “I have that personality, and I’m working on that. I’m trying to, you know, empty myself of my ego and my pride because I’m not gonna ask nobody for nothing.”

 She explained that it’s hard for her to ask for help, but she’s been working on it. 

“I don’t care. I could be on fire, and I’m not even gonna ask you to spit on me,” she explained. “I’m trying to stop being like that, but God, he’s been making the way. He’s been making the way. I’m so grateful. I’m so grateful for y’all.”

PnB Rock, real name Rakim Allen, was gunned down in September last year while eating at a Los Angeles Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles with Sibounheuang. While opening up about the murder, Sibounheuang revealed that PnB pushed her under the table, likely saving her life.


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