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PETA Blasts Floyd Mayweather For Purchasing A $18,000 Mink Car Seat For His Grandson

PETA is calling out Floyd Mayweather once again for his recent purchase.

The boxing legend recently bought an $18,000 mink car seat for his grandson, Kentrell Jr. Mayweather had the car seat installed in his 2022 Rolls Royce Cullinan. The car seat has real mink fur and was customized just for KJ.

However, PETA wasn’t feeling the purchase and called it a “monstrosity.” The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ripped Mayweather to shreds and even brought up his  2010 domestic violence arrest.

“Did Floyd Mayweather, who has a history of assault and battery of defenseless victims, really seek to update it? By supporting an industry that throttles animals to death in addition to poisoning and electrocuting them?” PETA said in a statement.

They continued, “This man is hardly a role model for compassion and understanding. But to try to make cruelty look attractive to a child could earn him a medal for corrupting the natural kindness of a minor.”

In 2012, PETA blasted Mayweather for comparing his training to dogfighting. Mayweather replied, “sh*t, I don’t give a f*ck, ’cause I wear mink coats. I’m gonna wear chinchilla, and I’m gonna rock mink coats.”

Nevertheless, PETA offered to fix the situation with Mayweather.

“PETA is calling on Mayweather to take a jab at teaching kindness, not cruelty, by replacing this monstrosity with faux fur. As most designers, department stores, and consumers have, and PETA would be happy to provide it.”

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