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Pastor John Gray Is In Critical Condition After Suffering With A Saddle Pulmonary Embolism

Pastor John Gray’s family asks for prayers after he was admitted to the hospital.

On Saturday, Gray’s wife, Aventer Gray, shared a post on Instagram about the pastor’s health. Aventer says her husband went to the ER on Thursday after feeling different for weeks. Gray was then admitted to CCU for a “saddle Pulmonary Embolism in the pulmonary artery and more lung blood clots.”

According to Healthline, a saddle PE is a large blood clot lodged in the main pulmonary artery. The blockage occurs in the leg and then travels to the lungs from large veins and other body parts.

Aventer added that Gray’s condition is critical and could turn life-threatening if the location of the saddle PE shifts. Because of the high risk, Gray must remain as still as possible. The pastor can’t even get up to go to the bathroom.

Gray’s medical team has warned Aventer that others with the same condition have died. Because of the pressure on his heart, Aventer says Gray will need two surgeries in the next 24 hours.

Nevertheless, Aventer is staying hopeful and puts her trust in God that her husband will make it through.

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