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Pandemic-era tenant protections extended in L.A.


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to extend the COVID-19 eviction moratorium for county residents until March 31.

It was initially slated to end on Jan.31.

The moratorium protects residents from evictions and other housing hardships, such as new rent increases. Residents are also protected from evictions due to unpaid rent dating back to July 1, 2022, no-fault evictions except for qualified owner move-ins, unauthorized occupants and pets move-ins, and among other protections.

The protection against eviction due to unpaid rent only covered tenants whose household income was at or below 80% of the area median income. The median income for L.A. County is $77,456, but that number can change based on one’s zip code, according to the Los Angeles Almanac website.

Commercial tenants in L.A. County were also protected under the moratorium. They were shielded from anti-harassment and retaliations, and personal guarantee protections for businesses with zero through nine employees, the L.A. Consumer and Business Affairs website said.

The L.A. Consumer and Business Affairs website will be updated to reflect the changes.

Landlords and real estate groups urged the board not to extend the protections.


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