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Nurse Who Charged With Killing Six People In L.A. Crash Was Going Up to 130 MPH

The nurse charged with killing six in a fiery crash in Los Angeles was traveling up to 130 MPH, according to prosecutors.

Nicole Linton remains behind bars and is facing six counts of gross vehicular manslaughter. Initial reports claim that Linton was driving her Mercedes-Benz at 90 MPH. However, new court documents reveal that the 37-year-old had been going much faster. Reports say Linton held the gas pedal to the floor for at least the final seconds leading up to the crash, accelerating from 122 MPH to 130 MPH. Surveillance video and recorded data also show that Linton had “complete control over steering” and maintained the tilt of the steering wheel to ensure that her vehicle traveled towards the intersection.

These bombshell findings contradict the claims made by Linton’s attorney that she was passed out during the time of the crash. She was also not impaired when she collided, leaving some to wonder if an argument with her boyfriend drove her to purposely accelerate as a form of suicide.

The deceased were identified as Asherey Ryan, who was eight months pregnant, her one-year-old child Alonzo Quintero, and her boyfriend Reynold Lester, who were in one vehicle. The other car that was hit carried 43-year-old Nathesia Lewis and 38-year-old Lynette Noble.

Linton could face 90 years to life in prison if convicted.

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