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Nose of Monkeypox Patient Rots After Doctors Mistaked It For Sunburn

In one of the most severe monkeypox cases, a man’s nose has started to rot.

An unidentified German patient, 40, went to his doctor after a red spot started to appear on his nose and was sent home after it was determined to be sunburn.

However, the lesion on his nose started to turn black after a few days.

According to a report in the medical journal Infection, the man soon discovered pus-filled lesions all over his body, with his mouth and penis severely affected.

Following a monkeypox test, the individual received antivirals to treat the virus. He was also tested for several STDs while in the hospital, which he said was the first time, and the results showed he also had undiagnosed HIV and syphilis.

His HIV infection had turned into AIDS, and because his syphilis had gone untreated for a long time, it had spread to several organs.

In terms of his monkeypox, the antiviral treatment was sufficient to heal the skin sores and dry them up, but it did little to heal the swelling in his nose.

Researchers say the man’s severe case was due to his immunocompromised state and susceptibility to necrosis.

Although women, children, and heterosexual men are equally prone to contract the virus if directly exposed, gay and bisexual men, who make up around 98% of patients, have been the primary carriers.

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