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‘Nobody Is Getting An Apology’

The writer and podcast host who called his wife “not the most beautiful” or “the most intelligent” is standing his ground on his controversial statements.

The internet went crazy after the story of Solomon Buchi hit media headlines. Back on July 24, Buchi penned a message to his fiancé, Adéọlá Àríkẹ́, on Instagram that triggered folks online after he referred to his wife-to-be as not being the “most intelligent” nor the “most beautiful.”

“You’re not the most beautiful woman; neither are you the most intelligent woman, but I’ve chosen to never find perfection in anyone else,” Buchi began in his post. “I put my gaze on you, and with that commitment, we would mold ourselves for ourselves. Our perfection is in our commitment.”

He continued:” Stating that you’re not the most beautiful/intelligent might sound like it’s not a compliment, yeah? But it’s a realistic base for real love.”

Despite people giving Buchi a piece of their mind about the situation online, Buchi is standing ten toes down on his statement.

“Nobody is getting an apology,” wrote Buchi on Tuesday. “It’s actually bold to assume that I owe strangers an apology for what was written to my woman.” He went on to say that Àríkẹ́ plans on speaking on the matter this coming Friday on her podcast.

We didn’t have to wait too long to hear her thoughts. She took to Instagram the same day with the question: “So, if I was to say @ solomon_buchi is not the most handsome or the most intelligent man, would that make us even…?”

And that’s where the saga ends, so far… At least until Friday.

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