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NJ Teen Receives 150-Year Prison Sentence For Killing Four Family Members During 2017 New Years’ Eve Party

A New Jersey teen who shot and killed four of his family members on New Years’ Eve in 2017 has received a 150-year sentence.

Scott Kologi, now 20, received the hefty sentence on Thursday during a Monmouth County Superior Court appearance. Kologi was convicted on all charges, including first-degree murder, back in February.

“The intention of this court is that this defendant never see the light of the outside of a jail cell ever again,” Judge Marc C. LeMieux said. “I hope one day, you realize the magnitude of what you’ve done here.” 

During a New Years’ Eve party in 2017, Kologi fatally shot his 44-year-old mother, Linda Kologi, his 42-year-old father, Steven Kologi, his 18-year-old sister, Brittany Kologi, and his grandfather’s 70-year-old companion, Mary Schulz. Kologi was just 16 at the time of the murders. 

Kologi’s brother and grandfather were at the home during the shooting. They were not injured during the massacre. 

Testimony during the trial revealed that Kologi told his mother that he had thoughts about killing people, including family members. His mother did not want him to disclose these thoughts to his therapist, fearing he would be hospitalized. 

Kologi’s attorneys asked for a 30-year sentence, citing their client’s severe mental illness. Defense attorney Emeka Nkwuo told the court that Kologi “is a mentally ill child who begged his mother for help and never got it.”

Monmouth County Assistant Prosecutor Sean Brennan said in a statement that Kologi knew what he was doing and that he killed his family “because he wanted to.” Brennan pointed out during the hearing that the murders were planned

Steven Kologi Sr.’s mother, Carol Kologi, asked the judge for some leniency. Instead of prison time, she asked the judge if Kologi could be sent somewhere to receive help for his mental illness. 

“Although he was found guilty, I do believe Scott’s mental condition is the impetus behind that night in 2017,” Carol Kologi said. “I’m asking the court for some compassion and understanding in this matter.”

One of Kologi’s defense attorneys maintains that the sentence will be appealed. If he ends up serving out his sentence, he must serve 85 percent before he is eligible for parole. That means Kologi will serve at least 127 1/2 years behind bars. 

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