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New Jersey Art Teacher Responds To Criticism Over “Curvaceous” Body

An elementary school art teacher in New Jersey has received widespread backlash from critics who say she should be fired for posting pictures of herself wearing tight, form-fitting clothes while teaching.

The Pennsauken Township teacher came under scrutiny last week after her Instagram account went viral. People on her photos and videos slammed the curvaceous teacher for the “distracting” content.

In one photo, she is seen with her back to a student while wearing tight blue jeans and a tight white top, and in one particular video, she is seen bending forward and moving items for a classroom crate while wearing tight blue jeans.

“I don’t think it’s about her body, I think it’s about how she’s posing showing her backside and wishing children and colleagues a happy summer,” a critic commented on one Instagram picture. “This isn’t professional or appropriate behavior.

“She got kids taking pics of her a– in class,” another user wrote alongside a photo showing the teacher in a blue dress with her backside on display. “Another failed Instagram model that went into teaching kindergarten for clout. They always teach kindergarten, never high school physics.”

Shortly after her account made its rounds, the teacher fired back at critics.

“Trying to body shame me because I am curvaceous is STILL discrimination!!!” she said in a 14-minute Instagram video. “The mothers at my specific school, the one that I am an actual teacher at, some of the mothers are my biggest supporters.”

Despite the substantial amount of backlash and “hate” she has received on her Instagram, the preschool teacher says she also received “so much positive feedback” on how she dresses and her role as a teacher at the elementary school.

“You want someone teaching your children that will love and protect them as if they were their own child,” the teacher wrote. “Blessed are the few that have educators involved in their children’s life that want to instill knowledge, positivity, love, and wisdom.”

She has also received support from high-profile celebrities, including rapper Fat Joe, who defended her, Radar reported.

“There’s a teacher out there in New Jersey that is a special, special one,” Fat Joe said in his own video. “I say let the woman be great. Can you fire somebody for their looks? Can you fire a teacher that’s ugly? How can you fire a teacher because she bad?”

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