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Naturecan UK – 5% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Review


Naturecan UK - 5% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Review

This week’s CBD Oil product review and up this time we have the 5% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil from Naturecan UK.

Naturecan are a global premium CBD brand with a wide range of high quality products including CBD Oils, CBD Capsules, CBD Edibles, CBD Skincare Products, Vitamins, Supplements and much more.

Their Broad Spectrum CBD Oil comes in a range of different strengths from 5% right through to 40% CBD.

100% Vegan.

Containing zero THC and GMO free.

Naturecan UK - 5% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Review

The CBD Blogger Review

Firstly I would like to start off the review by saying many thanks to Naturecan UK for generously arranging samples of their quality CBD products to review here at The CBD Blog.

I recently reviewed Naturecan UK’s chocolate flavoured CBD infused nut butter with cacao nibs and was highly impressed with their CBD nut butter range.

Definitely some of the tasiest and healthiest CBD edibles on the market coming from someone who is a huge fan of nut/peanut butter.

Very generously Naturecan UK included some of their 5% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for me to sample.

Taste, Flavour & Appearance:

Naturecan’s five percent Broad Spectrum CBD oil is a clear and virtually tasteless oil.

Which makes it the perfect choice of product for consumers who don’t like strong hemp tasting CBD oils.

There is virtually no taste at all, other than a very mild taste from the Organic MCT Oil, which it is carried in.


I was extremely impressed with the effect of Naturecan’s 5% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil given its their introductory strength CBD oil and that at the time as always I had a high tolerance for Cannabidiol.

I was typically dosing anywhere from about a 1/4 – 1/2 of the pipette per dose and getting a very good anti-anxiety, relaxing CBD effect.

Overall, a very nice clean and effective CBD Oil for health I found.


Another quality CBD product from the team at Naturecan.

I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality and effect of the Naturecan products which I have had the pleasure of reviewing so far.

As someone who has a very high tolerance to CBD, I found their 5% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil to be as effective as any other for providing a nice, consistent, reliable anti-anxiety and the classic mildly sedating CBD effect.

Their Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is also vegan and contains zero THC for those who are subject to testing.

I definitely recommend also checking out Naturecan’s CBD infused edibles such as their nut butter range.

We have another review coming soon for Naturecan’s tasty CBD infused triple nut butter, so keep tuned for next week’s review.



£29.99 per 10ml bottle (500mg)


Broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), Organic MCT oil

Where To Purchase

For more information or to purchase check out Naturecan UK at: Naturecan UK


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