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Mother of Siblings in Dismissed Tiffany Haddish Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Attended Comedian’s 40th Birthday Bash in 2020

Jason Lee has revealed a few new details after reports that Tiffany Haddish’s sexual abuse case was dismissed.

As you may know, two siblings, identified as only Jane and John Doe, accused Haddish and Aries Spears of “grooming” and “molesting” them in a sexually explicit child pornography skit in 2014.

During the video’s 2-hour and 13 min mark, Jason unveiled the mystery woman behind the two siblings as their mother, Trizah Morris, who was coincidentally at Haddish’s 40th birthday party back in 2020.

According to Hollywood Unlocked, Haddish and Morris were good friends who got paid for the skits at one point.

The question is, if she was so mortified for her children back then, why would she be in attendance at a party of her children’s accuser?

Things went left after Morris approached Haddish about her comedic career, but Haddish said she could not help.

Soon after, Morris threatened to go public with the video, alleging that her son was molested while filming.

However, Tiffany encouraged Morris to file a police report.

According to reports, Haddish was “relieved” that the video was coming out because she was tired of being threatened.

She said, “I wanted to take responsibility, and I was tired of being extorted.”


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