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Mother Of 20-Year-Old Prairie View A&M University Student Searching For Answers About Daughter’s Mysterious Death While Traveling With Friends


The mother of Zkira Kemp is searching for answers after her daughter mysteriously died in a car accident with friends.

Kemp, a 20-year-old Prairie View A&M University student, went to her hometown of Killeen for summer break but decided to return to campus early with friends.

According to Kemp’s mother, Jalanda, Zkira chose to leave early so she could travel to Maryland with friends (Michael Dukes, and his girlfriend, Rhonda Ellis Tinsley) to celebrate Rhonda’s birthday. While visiting, the trio was expected to stay with a friend, Aydon Fair.

Jalanda says she told Zkira to keep her location on at all times before leaving on July 4th. Zkira followed her mother’s orders until Jalanda noticed Zkira’s location was off on Friday morning.

Later that morning, Jalanda received a call from Zkira’s friend, Lakisha Coles, telling her that Aydon’s mother had been trying to contact her. Lakisha added that something had happened to the kids, but she did not know the details.

Jalanda was finally able to reach Aydon’s mother but was still unsuccessful in finding out the news. Aydon’s mother said it was hard for her to say, and Jalanda shouted out, “Is my child dead?” That’s when she says the phone was hung up in her face.

After some time, Jalanda was eventually able to speak to Aydon. He was not traveling with Michael, Zkira, and Rhonda at the time. This information confused Jalanda, seeing that all three of them were staying with Aydon.

Aydon’s mother told Jalanda that Zkira was drunk driving, hit a tree, and was ultimately killed. However, according to the autopsy, Zkira was in the backseat of the car during the accident.

Jalanda was told everyone in the car survived the crash except Zkira. Michael’s mother even told her he suffered a broken hip, leg, fractured skull, two collapsed lungs, and needed open heart surgery.

However, Jalanda was suspicious of Michael’s injuries after hearing him call her name and seeing him face-to-face.

Jalanda got even more suspicious after hearing Michael’s side of the story. Initially, he said there weren’t any houses near the crash, only woods. Then he said he wasn’t able to get Zkira out of the car, only Rhonda.

Jalanda said she was confused about how a person with such serious injuries was able to pull someone out of a car.

She also says that she was told the car burst into flames and Zkira was trapped inside. Michael nor Rhonda attempted to save her.

Rhonda claimed that all she remembers from the night is everyone laughing together and then waking up in the hospital.

Jalanda says she feels everything was staged and planned, especially since Maryland’s medical examiner’s office informed her she couldn’t see the body until she signed an agreement to cremate Zkira’s body.

In addition, the autopsy report states the body was 3’3, and both legs were amputated, with one arm larger than the other. However, Jalanda says the photo she was shown of Zkira’s body had both legs still attached.

There was also no 911 call made after the alleged accident. The incident is still being investigated.


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