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Most Obnoxious Restaurants In Miami That You’ll Hate or Love

Sometimes, the dining experience can include loud music, performative servers, or an all-around environment that encourages patrons to act uncouth. For some, this is a welcome relief and a great way to unwind after a long day. However, others are not always impressed with the dynamic nature of these types of bistros. 

Miami is notorious for this genre of restaurants, giving many eateries a club or lounge-type feel. Some tend to go a bit further than others regarding the entertainment component. 

Here are some of our favorite yet slightly obnoxious restaurants for you to try next time you’re in Miami.

Bagatelle Miami

A visit to Bagatelle Miami will consist of servers dancing on couches and tables before and after bringing your food. While this may be a delightful treat to some patrons, it can be increasingly irritating for those simply trying to enjoy their meals. House music blasts over the speakers, and even the occasional performer will grace the microphone. 

Papi Steak

Papi Steak not only serves premium cut meat, but they also celebrate it. When anyone orders the Tomahawk steak, which is priced at $1,000, the waiters come together for a presentation that resembles bottle service at a nightclub. They then unveil a custom leather suitcase that holds the steak as they dance, rejoice and even rap in some instances. Keep in mind that they then have to go cook the steak after this 5 to 10-minute shindig. For the hungry diner who has been waiting all day to get to dinner, this is a huge inconvenience. 


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Marion Miami 

Between bartenders shooting smoke from behind the bar and everyone, including waiters, standing on tables, Marion Miami is certainly not a go-to for a first date. But, if a night out with your girlfriends is what you need, then this is definitely the spot for you.

Swan Miami

Monday nights at Swan Miami are filled with sparklers, unnecessarily loud music, and professional dancers strutting their moves in between tables. This fun restaurant is not your typical quiet evening on Mondays, but if you head there during the daytime, the vibe is much calmer.

Let us know your experience with these South Florida hot spots. Were you completely turned off by the bustling of the restaurants, or were the tricks and gimmicks right up your alley?

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