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Michigan Woman Sues Man for $10,000 After He Stood Her Up, Then Goes Off on Judge During Virtual Court Hearing [Video]

Times are changing because apparently, you can sue someone after being stood up on a date.

QaShontae Short filed a lawsuit against Richard Jordan in 2020, “accusing him of intentional infliction of emotional distress caused by the date.”

TMZ reports that Short felt cheated when Jordan did not show up for the date which fell on her late mother’s birthday.

She is requesting $10,000 from the man.

What made matters worse was the case saw an actual judge, and Jordan was surprised when speaking to the “date” and judge virtually. He said, “To be honest with you, sir, I thought this was just going to get thrown out.” He continued, “We had a date. One date.”

Short was present during the hearing, though it looked like she was walking the entire time and did not fully show her face.

The plaintiff alleges that Jordan lied in his letter and accused him of perjury. But the judge took offense to her lack of knowledge and told her, “First of all, do you understand what perjury is?”

Things got heated when she responded, “Yes, perjury is a lie.” When in fact, perjury is a false statement under oath.

As Jordan smiled while the two went back and forth, Short yelled at the judge, “Are we done?” and said she would take the case to circuit court since it is a criminal offense. However, the judge isn’t willing to let go of this battle. The fight lasted for 10 minutes, with Short accusing the judge of insulting her intelligence.

Nothing was resolved because Short and Jordan must appear in front of another judge later. But it’s most likely that it will get tossed, too.

It was just “one date,” as Jordan put it.

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