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Man Dies After Skin “Melted” From Girlfriend Setting Him on Fire at Texas Gas Station

Police say a Texas woman turned 50 cents worth of gasoline into a deadly weapon by setting her boyfriend on fire at a gas station and melting his skin off.

According to Arlington Police Department, Ricky Doyle, 25, died Tuesday from burns sustained in the July 18 attack.

Police reported that Doyle and his girlfriend, Breana Johnson, 24, were fighting at an Arlington Shell gas station at the time of the incident.

According to reports, Johnson was heard telling her boyfriend, “I’m going to kill you,” before entering the gas station to make a $.50 gas purchase.

Witnesses later observed Johnson dousing Doyle in gasoline as he sat in the Jeep’s backseat. She turned around and lit the driver’s seat on fire with an unidentified object.

Doyle’s body was engulfed in flames as he fled the vehicle and ran through the parking lot to escape the flames.

According to the police charging document, Doyle was “bleeding and had skin that appeared to have melted off his body” by the time another customer came to his aid with a fire extinguisher.

As bystanders tried to assist Doyle inside the gas station, his girlfriend allegedly told them that she was smoking while pumping gas, and that’s why the fire broke out.

Johnson was approached by witnesses who said they didn’t believe her account and that they had seen her start the fire on purpose. Before police arrived, one witness attempted to stop her, but Johnson slammed the person to the ground and drove away while smiling.

When Johnson was first detained in July, she was accused of aggravated assault-bodily injury with a dangerous weapon. She will now face murder charges since Doyle has passed away and will be detained at the Tarrant County Jail. 

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