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“Love Is Blind” Contestant Is Suing Netflix For Inhumane Working Conditions

A cast member on Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” reality series files a lawsuit against the company for inhumane working conditions.

Jeremy Hartwell, from the show’s second season filed a class action suit against Netflix. Hartwell alleges that producers “maintained excessive control over virtually every aspect of the lives of their show’s Cast.”

Hartwell also claims the producers had complete control over “time, schedule, their ability to eat, drink, sleep, and communicate with the outside world during the period of employment.”

In addition, Hartwell states cast members were not allowed to take necessary meal breaks or rest periods. He says cast members were forced to turn in their wallets, phones, IDs, and credit cards.

“Producers went so far as to withhold the key to the hotel room where they were staying. And directed hotel staff not to provide the contestants with food if they asked,” the suit says.

According to the suit, cast members were encouraged to drink alcohol throughout the day despite not having adequate meal breaks. The lawsuit claims the contestants “were plied with an unlimited amount of alcohol without meaningful or regular access to appropriate food and water to moderate their inevitable drunkenness.”

On Wednesday, Hartwell’s lawyer said reality shows are notorious for exploiting cast members with alcoholic beverages.

“You see, cast members constantly have an alcoholic beverage in their hands or within arm’s reach. And they are shown drinking a lot more than eating. And there are instances of individuals being visibly drunk,” the lawyer said.

Netflix has not commented on the allegations.

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