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Louisiana Attorney General Says He’ll Pull Funding From Cities That Don’t Abide By Abortion Law

Louisiana’s attorney general seemingly threatens to block funding from cities that don’t abide by the state’s abortion laws.

As soon as the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the state of Louisiana was already geared up with a trigger law that would ban abortion, ABC News reports. Right now, a temporary order is blocking the ban on abortions. But even if the ban is lifted, several cities don’t plan on going along with prosecuting individuals who undergo an abortion procedure.

However, if they don’t, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry says if cities in the state ignore the abortion ban, he’ll pull their state funding.

“As Attorney General and member of the Bond Commission, it is my belief that a parish or municipality should not benefit from the hard-working taxpayers of this State while ignoring laws validly enacted by the people through their representatives,” he said in a statement, ABC News reports. “I urge the Bond Commission to defer any applications for the City of New Orleans, Orleans Parish, and any local governmental entity or political subdivision under its purview.”

The statement continued: “In addition, any other funding that will directly benefit the City of New Orleans should also be paused until such time as the Council, Mayor, Chief of Police, Sheriff, and District Attorney have met with and affirmed that they will comply with and enforce the laws of this State and cooperate with any State officials who may be called upon to enforce them.”

Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry
Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry

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