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Los Angeles Luxury Car Rental Company Drops Lawsuit Against Rapper Offset Over Bentley That Was Allegedly Never Returned


 A car rental company has decided to drop its lawsuit against Migos rapper Offset.

The Los Angeles-based rental company was suing him after they claimed he never returned a Bentley.

Court documents obtained by Rolling Stone confirmed Platinum Transportation Group requested that the court dismiss the breach of contract complaint “without prejudice,” which means the company can re-file in court in the future.

“The case was not settled. We are simply changing venue and will be refiling in the federal northern district court of Georgia,” Platinum’s lawyer, Bryan M. Thomas, said in a statement.

In May 2020, Offset reportedly rented a 2020 Bentley Bentayga for under $600 a day and then extended his rental until late July. The company claimed he then failed to submit his rental payments after the final rental date of July 25. The company said the rapper told them on July 4 that the vehicle was no longer in his possession and he didn’t know where it was.

Platinum Transportation Group then sued Offset over the unrecovered vehicle and requested that he reimburse them for the full price of $950,027.35.

They also argued that because of the absence of the Bentley, it suffered $100,000 in missed revenue.

In a sworn declaration, Offset said he didn’t steal the car, and that it was Oriel Williams, who is the mother of one of his children that leased the vehicle. The rapper also claimed that a representative from the rental company told him they would report the car stolen.

“I did not steal the car, and I reported the car missing to PML as soon as I was advised by Williams that the car could not be located,” Offset said. “In or about July 2020, I was informed by PML that the car was reported stolen to the Los Angeles Police Department and that they were investigating the theft of the car.”

Offset added, “I was never in possession of the car and — to my knowledge — was not listed as an ‘additional driver’ on the rental agreement. I had rented cars from PML in the past, however, and they had both my Georgia driver’s license and credit card on file.”


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