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Lil Baby Unfollows Gunna On Instagram, Lil Durk Seemingly Takes Jabs At Him In New Song


Rapper Gunna seems to be losing support from fellow hip-hop artists. It looks like Lil Baby and Lil Durk have distanced themselves from him.

It was noticed over the weekend that Lil Baby unfollowed the “Pushin P” artist on Instagram after recently following him, according social media users. Although that doesn’t necessarily confirm the fallout, but it could be looked at as an indication that he’s not friends with him anymore.

The two Atlanta natives were close in the past and had even put out mixtapes together. In a past interview, Lil Baby expressed how Gunna was someone he enjoyed performing with as well as one of his closest friends in the industry.

As for Lil Durk, it’s somewhat more evident that he isn’t a fan of Gunna after he appeared to call him out in a new song that he released a snippet of.

A video circulating shows Durk listening to the unnamed song, which features a short line toward the beginning: “What happened to Virgil // he probably gonna tell.” The lyrics seem to reference a song Durk and Gunna made together, which many believe is a diss because he took a plea deal.

Gunna has been slammed by several people in the hip-hop community, including other YSL members and associates who made it clear on social media that they’re not associating with him anymore.

It all started after Gunna was released from jail because he took a plea deal with state prosecutors in the RICO case that included Young Thug and dozens of other YSL members.

Thugga is currently on trial right now. Gunna has been called a snitch ever since he took the plea deal.


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